Butterfly Kisses

This is a little section of the website dedicated to my two favorite cast members of Digimon of either season. Now I know there are a lot of people out there that like Mimi with Matt/Yamato or Izzy/Koushirou. Well, I'm personally a MimixJoe fan, and much like what I did with some other pages of mine, I'm going to post my fanart and fanfiction for what I like here. This is not a page to try to persuade you from your own personal preferences, but I would appreciate you reading my stories and taking a look around at some of my fanart, along with fanart from other people (4901 that have been here thus far...)supporting my position. ^^ Now play nice, and enjoy your stay!

Special Announcement!!:
The famous and talented Lunatic Mimi and I have combined our Mimou fanaticism together to make an even bigger and better Mimou shrine! Now open:

Reality Check

This page will soon re-open with translations of Japanese Mimou doujin, and also translations of Japanese Mimou fanfiction I've found on the internet!
Keep an eye out!

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