So, what makes us different? Our Digimon RPG not only includes the first season cast, but the second cast as well. In this RPG, the original Digi-Destined are just about to graduate high-school, while the new Digi-Destined are just entering!

Butterfly's Sleep is a free-form style RPG with a main plot (the mission) and side plots (which are mostly character development, such as
romances, fights, and other good stuff that make Digimon not just some Pokemon rip-off.). Now the game master of the time will provide you with the main plot (y'know, the reason that the kids must got back to the Digital World), but it's up to the other players to think up of their own subplots.

The RPG is basically what you make of it. What you put in, you get out of it.

The RPG is meant to be much like an actual episode of Digimon, complete with side plots and thought processes. The only limit to it is our imagination!