Now for every RPG, there has to be rules.

1. Naturally, the regular rules apply.

2. ...keep in mind that this is a G/PG-rated series, so swearing is out. (If anything, it's way out of character for this series anyway.)

3. Absolutely, positively -NO- hentai! Kissing/holding/anything PG-rated is okay. Romance is encouraged! (But not neccessary. ^^;) I'm a romance writer, so I enjoy the mushy stuff just as much as the next girlie.

4. I am not on often myself, but it is required that you make at least -most- of the meetings. They are held twice a month, every other Saturday afternoon. We sometimes do a bit of goofing off on other evenings, but it's required that you keep in touch with me, even if you don't attend the meetings. If I don't hear from you for two weeks without a notice beforehand, I will assume that you have quit the RPG, and allow your role to be filled by someone else.

5. This is a duh. Stay in character.

6. This is an RPG. Naturally, our characters will tend to have squabbles, but of course, it's never personal. If another player's character argues with yours, keep in mind that this is an RPG, it's not for real. Feel free to argue back, but don't have your heart set on winning, okee? You'll have your chance! ^^

7. Since romance is certainly open, there will be couples...I guess we'll discuss who the set couples are, and come to a compromise as to who the official couples will be. ^^ We'll hold a meeting discussing all of these things, so we can all be on the same page. ^^