Butterfly's Sleep

We've already had some very successful (and fun!) RPG sessions! We've just completed our first episode! We have a new threat in the Digital World, and he's moving fast! Click below to read the logs of our RPGs.

Episode One 

Session One

Session Two

Session Three - Omake (Extra)

Session Four

A new threat has risen in the Digital World, and the original Digi-destined along with the younger generation have to make their way back into the Digital World! But will they be able to defeat this new villian after Mimi gets separated during their transport back into the Digi-world?

Game Master: Taichi Kamiya

Episode Two 


Session One

An e-mail arrives from Analogman informing the Digi-destined of the Four Chaos Generals they must defeat in order to defeat Jedomon.

Game Master: Taichi Kamiya